Change Management

Well here we are, at the final outcome of the course. This outcome looks at Organisational Change and how to effectively manage change. If you are still going strong at this stage then congratulations. Hang in there just a little while longer, we are almost done.

In this outcome you will need to study a ‘major change issue’. You teacher will decide on an issue for you. Major issue are things like mergers & acquisitions, globalisation, and social responsibility etc. These issues are not examinable by themselves. So the exam won’t ask you about a merger you have studied this year. What you do need to be able to do is Apply everything you learn in this outcome to your particular issue. So keep that in mind as you are going through these videos. Ask yourself can I apply this content to the issue we are studying in class.

Good luck and let’s get into it…

Change Management


  1. Research a company of your choice and find a change that they are going through or have recently been through. Try to find a large change and a small change. Discuss the change with a partner and then share with the class. Discuss why the made this change.

Test Your Understanding

  1. Define organisational change (1 mark)
  2. Discuss the importance of an organisation being proactive to change. In your answer refer to an organisation your have studied this year (5 marks)

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