We are qualified teachers who have a responsibility to help our students achieve their goals. Any information you receive from us needs to be used at your own discretion. The contents at TeachingBubble.com should not be used in isolation. Every aspect of the course is not covered on this website so it is important that you also use your text book, class notes, revision lectures and most importantly your teacher! For best results you need to work with your teacher and these pages may help aid your study. We are here to help you in your study but when push comes to shove the results you get are up to you. It is important to note that your teacher marks your SACs. They may disagree with the information provided on TeachingBubble.com and are entitled to do so. The information provided is general in nature and should be used that way. When it comes to SACs, you must use the information provided by your teacher as they are the ones marking your answers.

There are many factors that influence your end result in VCE and we have no control over that therefore will not be responsible for it. We will aim to help you if we can.

It should also be noted that any information on this website is our views and not the view of our employer or the VCAA.

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