Ethics & Social Responsibility in Operations

E&SR in Operations



    1. Watch the video below on Starbucks and answer the questions that follow.

    1. Explain how Starbucks implements social responsibility into its organisation
    2. What are the benefits of implementing these strategies to the farmers?
    3. What are the benefits to Starbucks?
    4. Think of 2 possible disadvantages of implementing these strategies.
  1. Research a service organisation of your choice and explain to the class how it is implementing social responsibility into its operations

Test Your Understanding

  1. Define ‘Ethics’ (1 mark)
  2. Define ‘Social Responsibility’ (1 mark)
  3. Discuss one social responsibility issue for each area in the operations system (inputs, processes and outputs) (6 marks)
  4. Explain how an organisation you have studied this year has used social responsibility in their materials management (4 marks)
  5. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of managing an organisation’s operations in an ethical and socially responsible manner (4 marks)


Congratulations! Unit 3 is completed. You are now half way through the course. It is important to give yourself a pat on the back for doing well so far. It is also important to stay focused. Let’s move on to Unit 4.

>>>Click here for Unit 4

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