Lectures 2021

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VCE Business Management Exam Preparation Lectures this SEPTEMBER

About The Event

These sessions are designed for all Unit 3&4 Business Management students that are completing the exam in 2021. The aim of the lectures is to help students to gain an advantage and reach their potential in the VCE Business Management examination in 2021. Each session offers a comprehensive overview of the Unit 3 & 4 course content with special emphasis on content that students have found difficult in past exams (including the 10 mark question!). The sessions will provide advice on how to approach certain exam questions to boost your performance in the exam. Each participant will be provided with a detailed summary and revision booklet with sample exam questions and answers.

The sessions in 2021 will take place online. With the current environment, we want to ensure students are safe from any potential COVID outbreaks. As a result, we will be online for each lecture this year. Each lecture will be hosted via zoom in a webinar format. This will allow students to participate by watching the lecture live and being able to ask questions as like any face to face lecture. The summary booklets will be posted out prior to the event.

If you are looking to achieve your best in the exam, then this lecture is a fantastic opportunity to go through an intensive revision session. If you have not performed your best throughout the year, it is not too late. With some hard work you can still make significant progress and learning some of the tips provided in this lecture can help you in your journey.

Teachers that are wishing to book groups of students feel free to contact us on info@teachingbubble.com so we can arrange postage.

Presenter: John Mitchell

Presenter: John Mitchell

John is an experienced Business Management teacher and works hard to find new ways of delivering content to students. John is also an experienced VCAA assessor and is the creator of TeachingBubble.com. John is passionate about helping students of all abilities to achieve their best in their studies. “I have been running these revision lectures for some time now and love helping students achieve their best. In the exam we will cover the course content, but spend time on how to answer exam type questions and how to avoid the common mistakes that students make in thier exam,” John says. “This is where I feel I can really add value.”

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Session 1

Sunday September 12
9AM – 12PM

Session 2

Monday September 20
9AM – 12PM

Session 3

Thursday September 23
12PM – 3PM