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Melbourne – 2018


This is a comprehensive 3 hour VCE Business Management Revision Lecture to be held in Melbourne on Sunday 09 September 2018. This is the perfect time as you will be finished the course and can focus solely on the exam. There will be 3 areas of focus for this lecture:

  1. Unit 3 content, covering all 3 Areas of Study
  2. Unit 4 content, covering each of the 2 Areas of Study
  3. Exam preparation, where we focus on how to avoid common mistakes that so many students make each year.
  4. You will receive a comprehensive summary booklet with exam questions and sample answers

John Mitchell

About Author
John is an experienced Business Management teacher and works hard to find new ways of delivering content to students. John is also an experienced VCAA assessor and is the creator of TeachingBubble.com. “Having marked exams numerous times, there are so many students that clearly know their content but simply don’t know how to structure their answers in the exam,” John says. “This is where I feel I can really add value.”