Management Skills (Part 2)

Management Skills pt2


Write down everything you need to do for the week. Don’t be concerned about how big or small it is. Write it down in your list. Include things for school, sport, after school activities, catching up with friends and even feeding the dog.

Now prioritise these tasks in order of importance.

Now that you have priritised them, you need to schedule them into your week.

Have you got time to do them all? If not, which ones will you leave to a later date? Are there items you can delegate to others? If so, how will you ensure they still get done?

Discuss these questions in you class. Discuss the importance of time management and the effect delegation can have on your time.

Test Your Knowledge

  1. Discuss the relationship between delegation and time management (3 marks)
  2. Explain how a manager can use the skills of delegation and time management to help them when negotiating new terms and conditions for employees (3 marks)


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