Management Styles (Autocratic & Persuasive)

Management Styles – Autocratic & Persuasive


Divide the class into 5 teams. Each team has a team leader/manager. Take the 5 managers aside and give them each a management style to act out. Ensure that there is one for each of Autocratic, Persuasive, Consultative, Participative and Laissez-Faire.

Each group has a task and that is to build the tallest structure out of 25 straws, one piece of string (40cm long) and staples. The structure must stand for at least 1 minute without falling over. The tallest structure wins.

It is explained that each group has a manager and that this manager has authority. They do not know that the managers have different management styles.

After the results discuss how the managers performed and how the interactions took place. Did they want to have more say? did they disagree with their manager? Did they want more input from the manager? From here you can discuss the different management styles and the effect they have on others.

Test Your Knowledge

  1. Describe a situation where the autocratic management style would be most appropriate. Justify yourself (3 marks)
  2. List the features of autocratic and persuasive management styles.
  3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the autocratic and persuasive management styles (4 marks)


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