POLC – Planning

Management Roles – Planning

Video 1 – Levels of Planning


Video 2 – Planning Process


Consider the following planning actions. State whether they relate to strategic, tactical or operational planning.

a. A government business enterprise decided to privatise.

b. The manager of a manufacturing plant plans out the daily roster

c. The board of directors approve the company to downsize and cut 250 workers

d. The marketing department has been asked to come up with a new logo

e. A graduate accountant is asked to plan a new filing system over the next 2 weeks

f. The HR manager wants every employee to take their advanced customer service training within the next 18 months

g. A supervisor needs to produce 25 pallets of product by the end of the day

h. The research and development team have been asked to develop a new product within the next year.

i. A team leader begins to monitor the team’s performance over the next 3 months

j. A public relations firm has decided to expand internationally into 5 countries

Test Your Knowledge

  1. Identify and describe the 3 levels of planning (4 marks)
  2. A marketing manager wants to increase market share by 8% over the next 15 months. Explain how this manager would use planning to assist them in achieving this goal (4 marks)
  3. What does the term ‘planning’ mean? (1 mark)
  4. Outline the steps in a typical planning process (5 marks)
  5. Discuss the benefits of a SWOT analysis (4 marks)

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