Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection


  1. As a class, select 3-4 jobs that you would like to apply for in the future.  Split the class into 2 groups. Group 1 will be 2/3 of the class. Group 1 will split into a group for each job and will become the interviewers. There will be 2-4 students asking questions. Group 2 will be the interviewees and answer questions. Once completed discuss as a class the advantages and disadvantages of interviews. How effective are interviews in determining the best person for the job? I recommend taking 1 period to prepare and 1 period for conducting interviews.

Test Your Understanding

  1. Explain the difference between recruitment and selection (2 marks)
  2. What is the relationship between a job specification and selection? (2 marks)
  3. Explain a selection process an organisation can use to hire the most appropriate employee (5 marks)
  4. List the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external recruitment (4 marks)
  5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a recruitment agency to (4 marks)

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