Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Professional Disclaimer
At John Mitchell Creations trading as TeachingBubble.com (ABN 14 849 304 604) when discussing student performance on any of our websites, newsletters or communications we have taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent our programs and their ability to help students achieve their goals. However there is no guarantee that you will achieve a study score you desire from using any of our videos, ideas or handouts. The information provided in our lectures is general in nature and is our opinion based on our past experiences teaching and marking exams. Although we have been employed by the VCAA on a casual basis to mark exams, we do not speak for them or are in any way trying to represent them. We simply give our opinions based on what we have learned from marking exams. We believe this information can help you but we have no control over how exams are marked in the future. All the information on our websites and at our events are aimed at helping students achieve their best result in Business Management and we truly believe they can help you, but it should only be part of your journey. The material at our lectures should be only one part of your study regime. You still need to do your own study, work with your teacher and work hard to achieve good results.

Minimum Bookings
All events held by John Mitchell Creations trading as TeachingBubble.com (ABN 14 349 304 604) are subject to minimum tickets sold. The minimum tickets needed to be sold for the event to proceed will be determined by John Mitchell Creations staff. If the minimum number of tickets sold for an individual event is not reached then the event will be cancelled. In the event of a lecture being cancelled, all those that have purchased a ticket will be notified via the email address provided during the purchase of a ticket. A full refund will be provided through the secure PayPal system. The amount of the refund will be for the full amount paid at the time of purchase.

Privacy Policy
At John Mitchell Creations trading as TeachingBubble.com (ABN 14 849 304 604) we value your privacy and understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality of your personal information.
We adhere to the Privacy Act 1988, as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and have a firm commitment to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines our information handling practices, covering issues such as:
• collection of your personal information
• use and disclosure of your personal information
• direct marketing
• our duty of confidentiality
• your consent
• quality of your personal information
• access to your personal information
• security of your personal information
• how to contact us

Collection of your personal information
Generally, we collect personal information directly from you when you deal with us in person, over the telephone, via email or via our website. The nature of personal information collected and maintained by us generally comprises information such as your name and contact details (including your postal address and telephone and email details) and, for VCE students, your current place of education.

Use and disclosure of your personal information
Your personal information is collected for the purposes of providing you with the educational services requested and/or booked by you (or on your behalf) and to service our relationship with you. We may use your personal information to facilitate these purposes and for related purposes such as:
• internal administration;
• marketing of other TeachingBubble.com services and programs; and
• to assist us to identify and inform you of activities conducted by us that may be of interest to you.

We will use reasonable endeavours to prevent the disclosure of your personal information except to the extent:
• indicated at the time you supply information to us; or
• expressly permitted under any agreement with you; or
• required for performance by us of our activities for you; or
• that in the event of emergent circumstances John Mitchell Creations/TeachingBubble.com staff member considers it advisable to disclose your personal information to a responsible person or organisation in the interest of your health or safety; or
• required under compulsion of law or provided in cooperation with any government authority; or
• where it is already publicly available or it is disclosed by us in a manner that does not readily permit identification of information specifically relating to you.

Direct marketing use of your personal information
We undertake not to supply your personal information to any individual or entity outside John Mitchell Creations trading as TeachingBubble.com (ABN 14 849 304 604). We may make use of your contact details to undertake the delivery of marketing and other materials on behalf of third parties but only in circumstances where your personal information remains confidential to John Mitchell Creations/TeachingBubble.com e.g. by way of including brochures or other inserts in our mailings.

Your consent
If you do not consent to your personal information being handled in accordance with the provisions of this policy please advise us at the earliest possible opportunity. John Mitchell Creations/TeachingBubble.com may not be able to supply you with its services if your personal information cannot be recorded and utilised as set out here.

Security of On-Line Payments Data
All payments made for on-line transactions are processed externally of John Mitchell Creations/TeachingBubble.com via the ‘PayPal’ secure payments processing site operated by PayPal Australia Pty Limited (ABN 93 111 195 389) which holds Australian Financial Services Licence number 304962. John Mitchell Creations/TeachingBubble.com staff do not have access to any credit card details used in such payments.

Online Booking Discounts
Any discount offered for purchasing online will close 24 hours before the start time of the session being booked. All bookings after this time will revert back to the nominated standard price/door price. Any payments received on the day of the event will be charged the nominated standard price/door price.

Cancellation & Refund Policy
At John Mitchell Creations trading as TeachingBubble.com (ABN 14 849 304 604) we recognise that on occasions customers who have booked for a lecture/s will subsequently not be able to attend those lecture/s. If lecture booking/s are cancelled more than 48 hours of the lecture start time a refund, less our nominated processing fee of $10, will be provided in the same form as the customer’s payment was made (ie by refund to the credit card account if payment was by credit card). Refunds will be processed/issued within 5 working days of the provision of all information necessary to approve the refund and/or the return of any tickets or other materials provided to the customer in response to the booking and will be made through the secure PayPal service.

Refunds are not available if booking/s are cancelled less than 48 hours before the lecture start time. In exceptional circumstances and at our discretion we may allow such bookings to be transferred to another program. Processing fees may be applicable in such circumstances.
Where the cancellation of part of a group booking would result in the booking no longer meeting the requirements for the discounted group booking price any refund will be adjusted to reflect the payment of the single price for each of the remaining tickets in the booking.
We welcome all and any feedback from customers. If any customer believes that we have not provided the service/s for which they booked and paid for in accordance with our Booking & Refund Policy we will promptly investigate the complaint. If we believe that the complaint has substance we will, at our discretion, provide the customer with a replacement lecture booking, other educational resources or alternatively a partial or full refund, or a combination of those remedies.