LSO in Context

The first outcome of Unit 3 is about Large Scale Organisations (LSO). This is a bit of a background about what a LSO is and what are some of the elements that LSOs have. This first outcome sets the scene for the rest of the course. Here are the lessons for VCE Business Management, Unit 3 Outcome 1:

LSOs, Types & Functions



  1. Vision / Mission Statements:

Choose any Large Scale Organisation and write a vision statement for them.

After sharing it with the class look up their real Vision/Mission and compare it to yours. Was it similar or was it quite different? What was their main focus? Discuss this with a partner.

Test Your Knowledge

  1. Describe two characteristics that would identify a large scale organisation (2 marks)
  2. Bill Conte is the General Manager of Sinbig Jams. He has been instructed by his board of directors to increase the Australian market share by 15% over the next 24 months.

Describe TWO management functions Sinbig Jams would need to use in order to achieve this goal and explain how they would help in the attainment of this goal. (4 marks)


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