Human Resource Management

Welcome to Unit 4! It has come around quickly but you have learned a lot. If you have given it your best shot then keep it up. If you have not put your best foot forward then I encourage you to give this unit a real crack and not wonder what could have been. In my experience Unit 4 is where students start to pull away and fall behind. When the going gets tough just remember that there is only 12-14 weeks of actual new content left. So hang in there.

Unit 4 is broken into 2 outcomes. Outcome 1 looks at human resource management. This outcome is quite large and covers quite a few different topics. Outcome 2 goes through change management and its impact on organisations. Lets get to it.

Lecture 1 – Human Resource Management


  1. Go to and search for ‘Human Resource Manager’. Look at the responsibilities a human resource manager is. Take note of who they report to and who they are responsible for.
  2. Complete the following table
Company Objectives HR Objectives HR Strategies
Increase sales Develop sales skills Ongoing sales training
Improve productivity
Enhance product quality
Reduce costs

Test Your Understanding

  1. Define ‘Human resources’ (1 mark)
  2. Explain the relationship between Human Resource Management and business objectives (3 marks)
  3. How can human resource strategies help an organisation to achieve its goals? Give an example (2 marks)

>>>Click here for Lecture 2

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